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Following UGC guidelines, the RKSMVV Covid Cell was formed in May 2020 to address grievances of stakeholders due to the Covid-induced lockdown. Details of the members were made available on the College website:
Sl. Names Mobile No. Email
1 Pr. Vedarupaprana, Vice- Principal 8240795988
2 Dr. Chaiti Mitra, Associate Professor, Dept. of English (Chairperson) 9874182275
3 Sm. Tanju Datta, Associate Professor, Dept. of Education 9831025380

Responsibilities undertaken by the COVID CELL:
  1. 24x7 availability of the Covid Cell members for students and other stakeholders.
  2. Website uploads related to important announcements, precautionary measures and safety practices during lockdown period.
  3. Displaying posters prepared by students of our NSS team on Covid awareness and management.
  4. Procurement of Fumigation Machine for campus disinfection, along with hand wash, sanitizers, face shields and masks for staff and visitors.
  5. Preparing and making available a feedback form on campus sanitation and preventive measures. This form is available for anyone visiting the College.
  6. From April 2021, following the second wave of COVID in the state and the country, the weekly sanitization drives in the campus have been changed to daily ones. The main building, along with the residential ones used by the monastic members, are being thoroughly fumigated and sanitized on a daily basis.


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