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The College has a sufficient number of classrooms and laboratories which are well ventilated with spacious seating arrangements. All the classrooms are equipped with black/green boards, and power sources for use of electronic aids like laptops and projectors.

Muktiprana Sabhagriha, the 450-seater, air-conditioned college auditorium, serves as the venue for all cultural programmes, competitions, special lectures, inter-departmental seminars, workshops, as well as national seminars and conferences.

Examination cum Seminar Hall
Swamiji Bhavan is the lecture-cum-examination hall, with seating capacity of 300, where all major college and university examinations are held. This separate examination venue enables conducting of regular classes in the main college building during examinations. It often doubles as a venue for college events, seminars and workshops.

Audio-Visual Room
The air-conditioned Audio-Visual room, fitted with a digital projector, a computer and a modern audio system, is used for seminar presentations and digitally aided classes and film screenings.

Computer Lab/ Cyber Room
The computer laboratory, with uninterrupted wifi facilities, is used to train students in computer use, and hold the WEBEL certified computer course. This laboratory, when free is also used for digitally aided classes.

Internet and Reprographic Facilities
Internet facilities are available for students in the cyber room. Faculty and staff have access to the internet through the staff room, the library and the office. The internet based resources are extensively used as teaching aids.
The Reprographic Centre is open on all working days from 11 am to 4 pm. Reprographic facilities at reasonable rates are available for the faculty, students and non-teaching staff.

Common Room
The Common Room, as its name suggests, is the perfect place for students to exchange thoughts and ideas and bond with one another.
Students spend their free hours in the spacious area on the ground floor of the library building. to browse through magazines and newspapers, play carom, chess and other improvised indoor games, or chat and relax with friends. They also enthusiastically display their creative ideas on the Activity Board provided here.

A freshly renovated (with funds from RUSA 2.0) students' canteen with both outdoor and indoor seating facilities in the college premises has recently been opened for service. Quality food, tea, coffee, small meals and snacks are served from the canteen at a subsidized rate.
Karmyog, a social initiative which works towards bringing positive changes in society, has been providing support for running the Canteen since 4th quarter of 2019 with the objective of providing a healthy food in a hygienic environment to the students. As part of their efforts to provide sumptuous healthy foode, they bring chemical free vegetables and produce from their Karmyog Green Village (situated in New Town), and ensure that each day freshly made food is served at minimum costs to the students.

A unique showroom for handicrafts and Ramakrishna Vivekananda Literature in the campus, NiveditaNiketan also functions as a small store selling a range of stationary wares and snacks at subsidised rates exclusively for the students.

Bakery training exclusively for boarders is held every Thursday from 5.30 am to 11am at the Hostel Bakery. The students are taught not only to make bread, cakes and biscuits and operate the electric baking oven, but also in pricing the products and managing the labour input. The training is aimed at developing entrepreneur skills of the students.


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