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Placements from Professional Courses

As a significant step towards student empowerment across sections, Ramakrishna Sarada Mission Vivekananda Vidyabhavan has introduced a number of add-on courses and professional courses. The Certificate and PG Diploma courses are offered to RKSMVV students (current and alumni), as well as for women graduates/ students from other institutions. The courses, focussing on employability and wide career options, are carefully designed to cater to students of varying means and merit. All courses are economically priced, with additional merit-cum-means aids/grants, to enable students from the financially disadvantaged sections avail of this opportunity. RKSMVV has recently tied up with reputed organizations like the Sister Nivedita University (Techno India Group), National Skill Development Corporation, Elta Global, Digital Concepts, Educhange and Sri Sarada Math Rasik Bhita for conducting the courses.
Professional Courses offered are:
● Hospital Management
● GIS Remote Sensing and Application
● Psychological Counselling
● Python Course
● UGC Net Coaching
● English for Academic Purpose
● Digital Marketing
● Strategies of Empowerment and Social Change: A Training Programme for Female Students (Educhange)
Add-on Courses offered are:
● Self Defence Course
● Communicative English
● Mastering Computer Skills
● Music
● Recitation
● Dance
● Yoga
Special Coaching Courses offered are:
● Competitive Examination Coaching
● UGC Net Coaching
IKS Courses offered are:
● Value Education
● Gita
4 students are placed in CyberSWIFT, which is a reputed GIS and software development and services company, after completing their course on GIS Remote Sensing and Application. Also 3 students are placed in different reputed hospitals after completing their course on Hospital Management. 3 students are selected as 'Value Education Trainer' by Ramakrishna Mission. Two of them placed in Chandigarh and one in Hyderabad.
Placement opportunities are also offered to students in different institutions through college, if vacancies are available. For example, Ramakrishna Sarada Mission has two schools at Khonsa and Dirang in Arunachal Pradesh. There, posts for teachers and hostel wardens were vacant in 2022. The students of our college were sent there for an interview and 4 students were selected and appointed at the posts.