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Initiation and brief overview

The Department of Psychology was started in 2014 as a General Department. The Department has a sustained good academic record. At present, the Psychology Department has a two-member faculty with two SACT teachers.

Vision and outlook

We focus on inculcating a love and interest for Psychology among our students with particular effort towards theoretical knowledge for deeper understanding of a concept and practical education for practical experience. In accordance with the larger discipline of our college, the entire syllabus is completed before the semester exams take place.

Methods of teaching

Apart from classroom lectures or the chalk and talk method, the Department uses equipment for practical work, audio-visual aids such as power-point presentations and the like, to stimulate learning interests. Regular assessments through written classwork and class-tests ensure that the students are well prepared for their final end-semester examinations.


The Department maintains a specific Laboratory with all relevant Laboratory Equipment necessary for practical work.


Courses offered


Generic Elective

Skill Enhancement

NEP Syllabus

CBCS Syllabus


The study of Psychology is widespread today; different disciplines of psychology are widely recognised and frequently leveraged in an array of industries. A career in psychology could take multiple trajectories.  The main objective of this course is to provide awareness about evolution of Psychology and various applications of this field. It also imparts knowledge about human behaviour and mental processes. The modern applications of psychology revolve around protecting people from emotional and physical harm and thus the knowledge will help the youth to understand and develop awareness about their own personality, identity and various psychological perils many people face daily. Despite the popular stereotype of the private practice therapist popularized by the media, students will also learn that psychology professionals actually have access to a wide variety of industries and fields, from education and criminal justice to marketing and politics. The course also broadens the understanding of gender identity and culture which in turn will help in creating change in our society.  Lastly and essentially, this course on Psychology will help students in large because it can explain why people act the way they do. With this kind of insight an individual can improve on his/her decision making, stress management and behaviour based on understanding past behaviour to better predict future behaviour. All of the topics included in this specific course can help students to have a successful career, better relationships, more self confidence, improving health & well being and overall better communication.


                    PAPER           Course Specific Outcome

Orientation to Psychology

This paper provide an overview of the basic concepts in psychology to help better communication and enhance adjustments in life and work

Youth, Gender and Identity

This paper equip learners with an understanding of the concepts of Youth, Gender and Identity and their interface and also to inculcate sensitivity to issues related to Youth, Gender and Identity within socio cultural context

Psychology for Health and Wellbeing

This paper aims to understand the spectrum of health and illness for better health management

Psychology at Work

Students will understand the meaning and theoretical foundations of I/O Psychology and to develop an understanding of how the various theories and methods of I/O Psychology apply to the real work settings

Clinical Psychology

This paper introduces the basic concepts of the growing approach of positive psychology and understand its applications in various domains

Human Resource Management

This paper will help students understand about various processes and issues inherent in organisations related to human resources

Health and Wellbeing


This paper will help to understand the relationship between psychological factors and physical health and learn how to enhance wellbeing

Developmental Psychology Contemporary approaches


To understand the role of culture in evaluating behaviours and exploring psychological insights in the Indian thought traditions

Psychology and Media

Here, students will understand the effect of media on human psyche and to develop a critical awareness of the underlying psychological processes and mechanisms

Intergroup relations

This paper helps to familiarise the significance of healthy inter group relations for the society and learn the strategies of resolving intergroup conflicts

Stress Management

Here, students will learn how they can make adjustments and manage to cope with stress more effectively

Effective Decision Making

Students will learn various strategies to make good decisions in life
  • Ms. Aiswarjya Banerjee

    State Aided College Teacher, II

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10:15- 11:15 11:15-12:15 12:15-1:15   1:45-2:45 2:45-3:45
MONDAY PSY CLASS (AB) 2nd year PSY CLASS (AB) 1st year B
TUESDAY PSY CLASS (AB) 2nd year R PSY CLASS (AB) 1st year
WEDNESDAY PSY CLASS (NB) 1st  year PSY CLASS (NB) 2nd year E
THURSDAY PSY CLASS (NB) 2nd year PSY CLASS (NB) 1st year A
FRIDAY PSY CLASS (AB) 1st year PSY CLASS(AB) 2nd year K
SATURDAY PSY CLASS (NB) 1st  year PSY CLASS (NB) 2nd year
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Extension Lectures

Serial No Date Name & Designation of visiting lecturer Topic
 1.  25th March,2019  Dr. Suchismita Sinha Full time College Contructual  ‘Stress management technique’
 2.  12th March,2019  Homaprabha Barua Assistant Professor  ‘Changes of women roles in society’
 3.  7th February,2020  Shaona Sengupta  ‘Mental health & Depression’
 4.  27th February,2020  Ritwik Saha  ‘Motivation & I/O Psychology’
 5.  11th February,2021  Mitali Mallick  ‘Affective Process’
 6.  24th February,2021  Dr. Manisha Dasgupta  ‘Psycho-social development, Erickson theory’


Serial No Date Name &Designation of visiting lecturer Topic
1. 6th September, 2017 Partho Pratim Roy

Psychological Counsellor

‘Prevention of Birth of an Abnormal Child: Psychological & Physical Aspect’
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University Results

Year Appeared Passed 1ST Class University Ranks
2017 1 1
2018 1 1
2019 2 2